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Chris Walters

Senior Vice President - LRS Consulting Services View Bio
Chris Walters Senior Vice President - LRS Consulting Services

Playing a round at Augusta National Golf Club and “breaking 80” are two items on Chris Walters’ bucket list. So it’s no surprise that he lists golf as one of his hobbies.

The Senior Vice President for LRS Consulting Services also dreams of traveling to Italy. In the meantime, he enjoys vacationing with his family in New York City or on the beach in Florida.

Chris firmly believes that relationships are vital in the IT staffing industry; it was a relationship that got him involved in staffing.

"I started my career in banking, and a friend who worked for an IT staffing firm introduced me to the firm’s owner and I became his banker. After knowing him for a year, he convinced me to change careers and join his firm."

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Kerry Burns

Director, Consulting Services View Bio
Kerry Burns Director, Consulting Services

Watching a Boston Celtics NBA Finals game courtside, running a marathon, and learning Spanish are all items on Kerry Burns’ bucket list. The Director of Consulting has already done a lot.

He’s served in the US Army, including three years stationed in Germany; earned Microsoft network certifications; joined LRS and rose to manager of the former network consulting practice. When LRS Consulting Services adopted its current focus on IT staffing, Kerry and his family relocated to Kansas City where Kerry began managing the branch. These days his duties include helping new branch offices grow.

"I enjoy watching the hard work of staff pay off and celebrating the small wins along the way."

Kerry doesn’t sit back and chill away from work. He spends a lot of time working out at a CrossFit box, where he enjoys both the comradery and competition. He also enjoys building things, like the vintage arcade cabinet he’s working on for his favorite 80’s and 90’s classic arcade games.

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Vikki Whitefoot

Director of Recruiting, Consulting Services View Bio
Vikki Whitefoot Director of Recruiting, Consulting Services

Director of Recruiting Vikki Whitefoot may live in the St. Louis area, but you’re liable to find her in any Consulting branch. She travels to, and works in, all the branches.

She loves getting to meet interesting people who are passionate about technology, which describes so many who are involved in IT staffing. Vikki created the training program that all of our new recruiters complete before they become full-fledged recruiters.

Traveling, reading, and working out are her hobbies, and traveling is at the heart of her bucket list. She wants to visit Bora Bora, and she wants to see the musical "Hamilton" in as many cities as possible.


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Gretta Benitez

Branch Manager View Bio
Gretta Benitez Branch Manager

With a passion for building strong client relationships and solving complex problems, Gretta Benitez is dedicated to providing exceptional service and driving business success. She’s the Branch Manager at our Chicago office, and she excels at understanding clients' unique needs and delivering tailored solutions.

Outside of work, Gretta finds fulfillment in nurturing her personal relationships, spending quality time with her family and pets, and pursuing personal aspirations such as riding a horse through Yellowstone and learning to code.

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Tim Allen

Account Executive View Bio
Tim Allen Account Executive

Tim Allen is an Account Executive in Chicago, having more than 7 years of experience in the IT Staffing industry. He began his career in the US Navy, where he served honorably in support of Naval Air missions. He progressed on to business development roles in technology and is a recipient of awards for excellence in developing new markets.

Tim is an avid photographer, hiker, and traveler. He hopes his travels take him to New Zealand, to see the Northern Lights, and on an Adventure Cruise to Antarctica.

He takes pride in building strong client relationships and understanding and delivering to his customer’s needs. His greatest satisfaction comes from building new accounts into successful LRS partnerships. Tim is engaged in the local Chicago tech community and is actively involved with IC STARS and SIM Chicago.

"What I enjoy most about IT Staffing is helping motivated professionals accelerate their careers with customers who can most benefit from them."

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Desiree Smith

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Desiree Smith Technical Recruiter

After graduating from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in Communication Studies, Desiree Smith made her way back north to Pleasant Hill, IL. She is now working as a Technical Recruiter in our Chicago office.

She dreams of traveling to Barcelona and the Grand Canyon and would love to swim with dolphins. Until then, she enjoys cooking and baking.

Desiree’s favorite part of IT Staffing is that she learns from every individual she speaks to.

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Karolina Zakrzewska

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Karolina Zakrzewska Technical Recruiter

Karolina Zakrzewska, a Technical Recruiter in our Chicago office, has had a passion for technology and psychology since she was young. In addition to speaking English, she is also fluent in Polish. Karolina loves reading, cooking, trying new types of food, and exploring sights in Chicago. When she isn’t in the city, she enjoys going out and getting lost in nature. Karolina’s bucket list includes visiting China and many other new places outside of the country! Additionally, she would also like to take the jump and try skydiving. Karolina enjoys working in IT staffing because she is able to learn about emerging technologies while getting to have conversations with all different types of people looking for work and finding the best possible fit for them.


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Angela Truden

Branch Manager View Bio
Angela Truden Branch Manager

Originally from Detroit, MI, Angela Truden made the move to Dallas in 2012 and started working in outside sales. Two years later, she joined the technical staffing world and she hasn’t looked back! After 6 years in the industry, she joined our team in 2020 as a Branch Manager.

“I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to help both my clients and consultants on a daily basis.”

Angela enjoys traveling to new places, so it only makes sense that her bucket list includes traveling to Italy, Bora Bora, and Australia.

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Joe Barnes

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Joe Barnes Technical Recruiter

Joe Barnes, a Technical Recruiter in our Dallas office, has lived most of his life in The Lone Star State. During Joe’s off time he enjoys painting in multiple media, gaming online, spending time with family and friends, and hanging out with his dog, Lola. Joe’s bucket list includes traveling out of the country to Japan and South Korea, having his artwork displayed in a gallery, and watching the Mavs, Cowboys, and Rangers win more championships. Prior to working for LRS, Joe began his career in real estate, before transitioning into software sales with Intuit. Joe’s favorite part of IT staffing has been learning the different roles in the ecosystem. He also enjoys watching people progress in their careers with the placement of LRS Consulting Services.

Kansas City

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Sara Roth

Account Executive View Bio
Sara Roth Account Executive

Sara Roth graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in Education – while she’s still passionate about education, she got a job in sales soon after graduating and can’t imagine being anywhere else! Sara joined the LRS team in August 2020, but started her career in IT Staffing in 2018. 

“IT Staffing is a people’s business and people are the heart of what we do. I love the value that we get to offer to both clients and candidates. No day is the same and every challenge you face leads to a reward in the long run! Not only do we get to essentially play “match maker” through innovative means, but we also get to learn new things every day from each connection we make.  Finding opportunities that leverage our candidate’s strengths and helping our clients meet their business needs and objectives is always a win-win. Being able to celebrate on those successes together in a partnership is what it is all about!”

Sara is a foodie and loves cooking! She’s always trying out new restaurants and spots around Kansas City. She also loves traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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Camryn Willett

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Camryn Willett Technical Recruiter

Camryn Willett, a Technical Recruiter, is from the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. She graduated in May 2021 with a degree in Marketing from Kansas State University. During Camryn’s off hours, she finds doing paint by numbers and adult coloring books, to be therapeutic after a long day. Camryn’s bucket list includes skydiving, taking a trip to Europe, and one day meeting Chris Hemsworth. While at K-State, she spent her free time recruiting for her sorority! This in addition to her love of talking to people prompted a seamless transition into a career in IT staffing.

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Brooke Kimbrough

Account Executive View Bio
Brooke Kimbrough Account Executive

Brooke Kimbrough, Account Executive in our Kansas City office, is a recent graduate of University of Missouri. Brooke enjoys working out in her free time, as health and fitness are a huge part of her life. When she isn’t at the gym, she enjoys discovering new restaurants, spending Sundays at the City Market, and exploring Kansas City. Brooke would like to travel the world and one day open up a vegan bakery


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Danny Belkin

Business Development Executive View Bio
Danny Belkin Business Development Executive

Danny Belkin is a Business Development Executive in our Minneapolis office. He is a proud Minnesotan who loves spending time with his wife, 3-year-old son, and his 2 dogs, Henry and Walter.

Some of Danny’s hobbies include golfing, watching English Premier League soccer, and drinking wine.

Danny’s bucket list includes attending the Masters, touring the winemaking chateaux of France, and going to the Monaco Grand Prix.

His favorite part of IT Staffing is the genuine thrill he gets from helping people land their next big role.

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Sadie LaFrance

Business Development Executive View Bio
Sadie LaFrance Business Development Executive

Sadie LaFrance is a Business Development Executive in our Minneapolis office. She grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota, where she was a farm girl and a three-sport athlete. While attending college, she worked in the admissions office, which is where she discovered her passion for recruiting.

Some of Sadie’s bucket list items include traveling to Croatia, Hawaii, and Italy.

Sadie’s favorite part of IT Staffing is the amazing people that she has met throughout her 20 years of business development and recruiting experience. She loves to drive and build relationships; getting to know her clients professionally and personally.

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Justin Kuhnau

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Justin Kuhnau Technical Recruiter

Justin Kuhnau is a Technical Recruiter in our Minneapolis office. He was born and raised in Wisconsin Dells, WI, the waterpark capital of the world! 

Some of Justin’s Hobbies include spending time with his family, coaching his son’s basketball team, hunting, fishing, and attending concerts.

His bucket list includes going to more concerts, going on a safari, and traveling the world.

Justin has been a professional recruiter for over 16 years, starting when he was fresh out of college in 2006. He states that he has a true passion for finding talent and helping them build their careers.

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Mark Runyon

Senior Recruiter View Bio
Mark Runyon Senior Recruiter

Mark Runyon is a Senior Recruiter in our Minneapolis office. He was born and raised St. Paul, where he attended high school at Cretin-Derham Hall and graduated college from the University of St. Thomas.

Some of his hobbies include attending local sporting events, fishing in Northern Minnesota, and golfing.

Mark’s bucket list includes going to the Kentucky Derby, seeing the Minnesota Wild win the Stanley Cup, and witnessing the Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl.

His interest in IT Staffing began when he worked in IT in college, when he realized he wanted to begin a career in a sales or recruiting.

Mark’s Favorite part of IT Staffing is helping people find great opportunities, whether they are early in their career, or seasoned vets looking for the next big thing

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Ty Cousineau

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Ty Cousineau Technical Recruiter

Ty Cousineau, Technical Recruiter in our Minneapolis office, is a recent graduate from Concordia University in his native city of Montreal.

A few of Ty’s hobbies include playing and coaching hockey, attempting golf, and exploring new restaurants and breweries.

Three items on Ty’s bucket list are visiting as many professional sporting venues as possible, witnessing a Minnesota team win a championship, and riding in a fighter jet.

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Chrysta Osborne

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Chrysta Osborne Technical Recruiter

Chrysta Osborne is a Technical Recruiter in our Minneapolis office. She Is no stranger to recruiting, as she has been working in this field for the past 10 years and has staffed every industry except IT.

During Chrysta’s free time, she enjoys working out, doing CrossFit, and cooking nutritional meals.

Her bucket list includes traveling to Germany, riding in a hot air balloon, and taking a yoga class in India.

Chrysta’s favorite part of IT Staffing is learning about people, where they come from, and who they aspire to be. She loves the rewarding feeling she gets when she can place someone in a new career.


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Courtney Carnley

Sr. Account Executive View Bio
Courtney Carnley Sr. Account Executive

Courtney Carnley is a Texan; she grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, got her degree from the U of Texas at Arlington, and began working in staffing in Texas. So naturally, she’s our Sr. Account Executive in Nashville, Tennessee!

Courtney loves helping people on both sides of the staffing equation; finding the right spot for a candidate and finding the right candidate for an employer’s need.

"Also, as an Account Executive, I get to meet new people all the time. I establish new relationships daily. I love building up that network around me."

Active and energetic, Courtney loves to be outside paddle boarding, hiking, kayaking or trying something new. And she loves the Nashville area, but her two kids are her center and she spends most of her non-work time with them.

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Caidin Stash

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Caidin Stash Technical Recruiter

Caidin Stash, Springfield, Illinois native, is now a Technical Recruiter in our Nashville office. 
He began his career in the US Army, where he served honorably for four years as a military police officer. When Caidin isn’t at work, he loves spending time with his dog, playing video games, and watching sports. His biggest bucket item is to watch one game at every pro sports stadium in the country! Caidin’s favorite part of IT staffing is how rewarding it feels helping people in different situations every day.


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Jeff Johnson

Branch Manager View Bio
Jeff Johnson Branch Manager

Being the second oldest of seven children, Recruiting Manager Jeff Johnson can handle anything. Jeff has lived in Central Illinois his entire life and grew up in a small town about an hour south of Springfield – he has enjoyed it for the most part, but could do without the winters.

He lives and dies with the Cubbies each and every season and would love to see the Cubs play in all 30 MLB stadiums. Jeff also dreams of visiting all 50 states and to get kicked out of a casino for winning too much money. When not in the office, he spends his time with his wife (Stephanie), stepson (Cooper), and his chocolate lab (Sammie). He enjoys playing softball, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and working with cars.

A close family friend of Jeff’s worked at LRS from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s and always had great things to say about the company... so the ball started rolling from there.

"My favorite thing about IT Staffing is at times my least favorite thing about IT Staffing: It is unpredictable. No 2 days are EVER the same."

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Jake Lohrenz

Sales Supervisor View Bio
Jake Lohrenz Sales Supervisor

Jake Lohrenz, Account Executive, loves building and woodworking, so it’s no surprise that building a home in the mountains is on his bucket list. He loves being active, so you’ll find him coaching youth sports, boating, fishing, or playing golf.

Sometimes he just hangs out with the family.

Jake had graduated from our Associate Recruiter training program when the chance to transition to Account Executive opened up.

"This opportunity fit my personality better as it is more face to face interaction and meeting directly with our clients to help them locate the best IT talent."

And that’s his favorite part about IT staffing. Jake gets to meet many clients, work on new challenges, and keep learning new things almost every day. He also gets to help people and organizations succeed, which he loves.

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Julie Brooks

Office Administrator View Bio
Julie Brooks Office Administrator

Julie Brooks, Office Administrator in our Springfield office, spent her early life in the country, where she married the “guy next door”. Together, they now have two children and four grandchildren. Today, she and her husband are back to country livin’, after living in Rochester for the past thirty years. When she is not in her happy place quilting, she is spending quality time with her family. Julie also likes to switch it up by attending drag and Indy car races with her husband. On her bucket list, she wishes to travel to Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, and to return to the Bahamas. Julie states that IT staffing found her, and she is grateful that it did. She loves the diversity of her job, and the ability to meet new people every day.

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Stephanie Johnson

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Stephanie Johnson Technical Recruiter

Stephanie Johnson, a Technical Recruiter in our Springfield office, resides in Rochester, IL with her family and her sweet yellow lab, Charlie.

During her off-time she enjoys watching true crime shows, doing home projects, sewing, and spending time with her family. She also loves camping and boating in the summer!

Stephanie’s bucket list includes living to celebrate her 100th birthday, having a perfect March Madness bracket, and taking an Alaskan cruise.

Her favorite part of working in IT staffing is the relationships she builds with candidates as they work through the process together. Stephanie states, “Matching candidates with jobs they’re excited about is very rewarding”.

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Cory Seidelman

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Cory Seidelman Technical Recruiter

Cory Seidelman, a Technical Recruiter in our Springfield office, is a Chicago native with over 15 years of Technical Staffing experience. During his off time, he enjoys brewing his own beer and is on the never-ending quest of creating a perfect IPA. When Cory isn’t brewing beer, he enjoys discovering new music, watching b-movies, cycling, hiking, and fishing. Cory’s bucket list includes visiting all the MLB ballparks with his two sons, traveling to New Zealand, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. Cory jumped into IT Staffing after attending Illinois State University when a friend noticed his outgoing personality and helped him land an internship opportunity with CareerBuilder. From there he moved into engineering staffing, and more recently the IT world. Cory states that there is nothing more rewarding than developing relationships and knowing you helped facilitate a match for a client and candidate.

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Kody Kuhlman

Associate Technical Recruiter View Bio
Kody Kuhlman Associate Technical Recruiter

Kody Kuhlman, an Associate Technical Recruiter in our Springfield office, is no stranger to sales as he has worked in the field for nearly six years before joining us at LRS.

In his time off, he enjoys playing video games, spending time with family, and attending car meets. Kody’s bucket list includes hiking the Swiss Alps, experiencing the Autobahn in Germany, and watching an El Classico match at the Bernabeu.

Kody’s favorite part of IT Staffing is being able to genuinely make a positive impact on people’s lives.

St. Louis

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Hilary Hertenstein

Manager - Client Engagement View Bio
Hilary Hertenstein Manager - Client Engagement

A native of Morton, Illinois - The Pumpkin Capital of the World – Manager of Client Engagement Hilary Hertenstein loves pumpkin flavored everything. She also loves trying out new restaurants, because why eat the same food all the time?

Hilary’s favorite aspect of IT staffing is the fact that every single day is different, with a new set of challenges and things to do. She’s a bit of an LRS Consulting Services pioneer: Hilary was a member of the very first Associate Recruiter training class. She quickly moved into a sales role and enjoys amazing relationships with great clients. 

What’s in store for her? Sky diving, running a half marathon, and travel to Australia, Fiji and/or New Zealand are all on her bucket list. Stay tuned!

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Mark Johnson

Recruiting Manager View Bio
Mark Johnson Recruiting Manager

Hailing from the beautiful Village of Coalton, Illinois (where he claims to have been 10% of the population while growing up), Mark Johnson is Recruiting Manager in our St. Louis office.

But he’s a die-hard Cubs fan. Pitching for the Cubs is the top item on his bucket list, above racing a COPO Camaro and skydiving. He loves to race and play golf.

Mark joined LRS in 2012 after his brother Jeff, our Recruiting Manager, introduced him to the IT staffing industry, Before that, Mark had worked for Snap-On Tools.

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Maurie Plassmeyer

Consulting Administrative Supervisor View Bio
Maurie Plassmeyer Consulting Administrative Supervisor

As the Consulting Administrative Supervisor in our St. Louis office, she’s uber nice, she’s patient, and she’s a lot of fun. She started working for LRS in 2012, and we are sure glad she did!

Married with 4 children, Maurie enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and traveling. Winning the lottery is at the top of her bucket list!

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Cynthia Williams

Office Administrator View Bio
Cynthia Williams Office Administrator

Before joining LRS, Cynthia Williams was living in Florida and working for Enjoy Your Face, Inc., the largest face painting company in the world, processing and onboarding for new hires, processing insurance, ordering product, and painting faces in the happiest place in the world – Walt Disney World.

Cynthia has since moved to Illinois and joined the LRS team. Her and her husband are enjoying all of the history and tourist locations in Missouri and Illinois. Her favorite part of IT Staffing is meeting new and interesting people.

Her bucket list includes a lot of traveling, dreaming of visits to Greece, Spain, and Island of Moorea.

Cynthia loves to create, paint, and cook.

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Scott Mizner

Technical Recruiter View Bio
Scott Mizner Technical Recruiter

Scott Mizner is a Technical Recruiter in our Kansas City office. Before his career in technical recruiting, Scott served in the Marine Corps for 6 years!

During Scott’s off-time, he enjoys playing hockey for the Kansas City Warriors. The team is part of, a national program helping disabled veterans who find healing through the sport. He also runs a charity for veteran mental health awareness.

Scott’s bucket list includes watching the Chiefs play the Super Bowl, hunting in Montana, and meeting blink-182.

His favorite part of IT Staffing is the rewarding feeling he receives when he recruits someone that gets hired.

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Rachel Elder

Account Executive View Bio
Rachel Elder Account Executive

Rachel has called St. Louis home since she was just a year old. She got her bachelor's degree from Truman State University, where she enjoyed participating in organizations ranging from a business fraternity to a backpacking club and everything in between.

Outside of work you can usually catch her outdoors hiking or playing volleyball or doing hobbies such as stained glass, home improvement projects, and hanging out playing board games with friends. She looks forward to eventually traveling to South America, seeing the seven wonders of the world, going to all the National Parks, and sky diving.

She got into the staffing industry as a candidate who ended up becoming a permanent employee. She has been grateful to be able to provide candidates their next opportunity with amazing clients. She loves meeting new people and always has time to get to know everyone she meets.