How can you ramp up rapidly?

Your organization has decided it’s time to begin a new IT project, and, as so often happens, the deadline is tight. The deadline is actually impossible to meet with your current staff, which is already stretched thin.

So you need more staff. Ready to hire? Go!

Oh, you don’t know where to start? You’ve identified the experience and skills you need, but it’s been a couple years since you added staff so you don’t have current resumes on file?

This is where an IT staff augmentation firm is so valuable.

You probably know obvious benefits of using a staff aug firm to find consultants for you—the ability to help you ramp up staff when needed and then scale back without having to navigate HR bureaucracy. But IT staffing firms offer another key benefit: speedy sourcing.

Every staffing firm maintains a database of consultants who are looking for engagements. Good staffing firms keep tabs on talent; they know who has which skills and, even more, which consultants are good fits with the culture within different organizations.

We know who’s on the bench and who’s close to the end of an engagement. We know what type of engagement those consultants want.

A really good IT staffing firm also knows your organization. We get to know your management and your culture, so we know which people are going to fit in and deliver the kind of work you need.

All of that knowledge adds up to the ability to swiftly source the top candidates for you to consider. Good staffing firms should be able to deliver quality cnadidates within days of receiving your request.

That’s the essence of speedy sourcing. That’s the benefit you need when time is everything.