10 best paying tech jobs

One of the more common listicles posted on tech-oriented websites is the list of top-paying jobs, and the very latest appeared on CIO.com.

Based on information from Dice.com, this list includes broad categories like Big Data and Cloud, speciifc job titles like Network Administrator and Security Engineer, plus specific software like Salesforce, JIRA, and Azure. The only job with an average annual salary under $100,000 is Network administrator.

Nationwide, Dice says tech salaries average $96,370 annually.

This type of information is obviously a must-read for IT consultants and staff. It’s especially relevant for anyone considering an active job search.

But why was the list published on CIO.com? Simple—rising tech salaries nationwide have an impact on every organization’s bottom line. Salaries rose 7.7 percent to reach the level of $96,370, and any organization that fails to factor that type of increase into its cost is heading for trouble.

They will have trouble retaining their top talent and even more trouble recruiting new staff and consultants.

If you’re thinking it’s just common sense for organizations, and especially hiring managers within organizations, to stay on top of salary trends, you’re mistaken. IT staffing firms get pushed back on staff salaries and consultant hourly rates all the time. Sometimes it seems no one understands the result of high demand for tech talent which is in low supply.

For IT staff augmentation firms like LRS Consulting Services, keeping current on compensation trends is just part of our job. Our account execs attempt to enlighten hiring managers about the regional supply of tech talent and the hourly rate that needs to be paid for it.