Keeping in touch

Have you ever taken your car to a dealership for service?

Have you sat in the customer loitering area and wondered just what they had found wrong with your car and just how much it would cost to fix what they had found?

Have the suspense and frustration of not knowing what was going on pushed you right up to the edge?

I can understand if it has. I’ve been there. I know how frustrating it is to not know what’s going on, to not know whether anyone has even begun to look at your car or whether the service manager is trying the right way to break really bad news to you.

It’s one of those times when silence is definitely not golden. Instead, silence is infuriating.

That’s why our account executives and recruiters make it part of their job to keep in touch. If you’re a hiring manager who has asked us to find staff, we keep you posted on our progress. If you’re a candidate being considered for an engagement, we communicate what we’re hearing from the client.

Our goal is always to match the right candidate with the right opportunity, and we simply can’t get that job done without communicating with both the candidate and the client. Open, honest communication is always our goal.

Please let us know if we fail to reach that goal.